A Guide to Support Implementation:
Essential Conditions


Teacher Professional Growth

Teacher knowledge, skills and attributes are enhanced through ongoing professional learning.

What is it?

Educators use self-assessment as well as current research, evidence and lessons learned to inform their professional growth planning. Curriculum, instruction and assessment are integrated in the design of professional learning opportunities and participation in professional learning enhances professional practice.

Why is it important?

Research shows that successful implementation involves learning opportunities that focus on enhancing professional practice and leadership capacity among educators.

What does it look like?

Leaders look for evidence such as the following as they provide professional learning opportunities:

  • Effective teacher supervision practices and policies are in place.
  • Effective teacher mentorship and coaching practices are in place.
  • Risk-taking and innovation are evident among educators, instructional leaders and the school board.
  • Promising practices are documented and shared.
  • The Teaching Quality Standard is evident in professional growth plans and informs teacher supervision practices.
  • Coordinated, collaborative and comprehensive professional learning plans are in place to support implementation.
  • The self-identified professional learning needs and preferences of participants are being met.
  • Teachers have access to and are participating in a variety of learning opportunities that address their needs and preferences.
  • Teachers are reflecting on how their professional learning experiences are influencing their professional practice.
  • Teachers are collaborating to support their professional growth.
  • Teachers are engaging in ongoing career-long professional growth.
  • Teacher professional growth is evidenced in classrooms, schools and jurisdictions.


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