A Guide to Support Implementation:
Essential Conditions

Supporting Implementation

Successful implementation is possible in environments where education stakeholders are committed to sharing the responsibility for supporting implementation within a culture of learning.

Explore the essential conditions model with colleagues. The seven essential conditions are identified in the blue circles; the culture of learning within which educational policies, curricula, programs, initiatives, and priorities are implemented in the orange circle, and the education stakeholders involved in collaboratively addressing these essential conditions on the green pinwheel sections.


Shared Vision

Stakeholders share an understanding of and commitment to the intended outcome(s).


Leaders at all levels have the capacity to champion the shift from the current reality to the intended outcome(s).

Research and Evidence

Current research, evidence and lessons learned inform implementation decisions.


Human resources, materials, funding and infrastructure are in place to realize the intended outcome(s).

Teacher Professional Growth

Teacher knowledge, skills and attributes are enhanced through ongoing professional learning.


Time is provided to support implementation.

Community Engagement

Parents, school councils, students, community members, businesses, industry and post-secondary institutions are partners in supporting implementation.