Alberta Unites on Teaching Quality
Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Development Council) has written an article about the Guide to Support Implementation – Essential Conditions. The focus of the article is to share how the guide has the potential to support the capacity of the system through implementation planning.

"Alberta Unites on Teaching Quality" by Tracy Crow, Journal of Staff Development (JSD), December 2010. Reprinted with permission from Learning Forward, All rights reserved.

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Teaching Practices That Inspire Student Learning

Schools are re-conceptualizing teaching and learning. These videos focus on the 7 essential conditions and two Alberta schools and their journey towards impacting student learning. Learning guides are offered to stimulate dialogue for your context.

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A Message from Alberta’s Education Partners

A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions was developed by a provincial working group of education partners1 committed to realizing positive change in Alberta’s schools and classrooms. Development of this guide was founded on the shared belief that successful implementation2 requires the coordinated, collaborative, and comprehensive efforts of education partners working together towards a shared vision of learning success for all students. Read more »

1 See the Contributing Education Partners above and the Acknowledgements on the back cover for more information about the working group.
2 In this guide, implementation means “to put into practice an educational change that achieves its intended outcomes, the most important of which is improved student learning.”
3 See the Selected Bibliography.
4 In this guide, education stakeholders refer to all those who contribute, either directly or indirectly, to the learning success of every student. Education stakeholders therefore include school boards, superintendents, jurisdictional and school personnel (i.e., administrators, teachers, teacher’s aides, education consultants, transportation and maintenance personnel, administrative support staff), school council members, professional learning providers, faculties of education and Alberta Education personnel.